About me

I have always considered it important to be able to help people, both physically and mentally. At the Semmelweis University Medical School I got a medical massage course. Practical exercises were conducted by excellent medical masseurs in the Hévíz Rheumatoid Hospital and the National Institute of Rheumatology and Physiotherapy. I continue to extend my theoretical and practical knowledge so that as many people as possible can help me personally.

What kind of problems can I help with the services I offer?
  1.  Cupping is beneficial for stimulating the lymphatic system and stimulating acupressure points. Knowing about coughing is worth having a good detoxifying effect.
  2. Sport massage, to prevent injuries and to keep the muscles flexibly. I recommend it to competition and amateur athletes. It is worth knowing that my guest is in preparation or regeneration phase.
  3. Headache massage to help prevent migraine and other headaches.
  4. Mau massage is available for solving all stress, starting self healing forces, boosting vitality and energizing.

I am looking forward to meet you.